Daniele Giordano   DANIELE GIORDANO

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Departamento de Geofísica y Georiesgos
Instituto de Ciencias de la Tierra "Jaume Almera"
C/Lluís Solé i Sabarís s/n
08028 Barcelona, Spain

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    Posición: Investigador Postdoctoral Contratado Ramón y Cajal

    Líneas de Investigación:

    - Experimental characterisation and modelling of the rheological (viscous to brittle) and thermodynamic properties of single and multi phase silicate melts of interests for the volcanology, metallurgy and glass industry. Application to understanding sin- and post-eruptive (e.g., welding, remobilization, flow of lava) processes.

    - Spectroscopic analysis (FTIR, microRaman) of silicate melts for the comprehension of structural variations that produce the significant variation of physical properties. Modelling of the relationships between spectroscopic feature and composition for anhydrous and volatile bearing melts.

    - Fluid-dynamic modelling for the simulation of magma ascent along eruptive volcanic conduit and application to volcanic hazard forecast.


    (h-index = 14)

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